Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question or concern, it's more than likely someone has already asked us that very same thing; therefore, this page is really useful in helping to get you the answers you need as quickly as possible. 


Stock Levels/Shortages
Printing on-demand enables our customers to be able to offer many products without having to hold any stock themselves. However, this does leave the possibility of encountering a situation when your product is out of stock.
It’s common practice in the dropshipping industry to not maintain stock of all product variants, as restocking can normally be done within 24 hours, direct from our suppliers – this process is accounted for in your shipping time.
But there can be occasions when your product is out of stock for a longer period of time. Usually, it’s because the manufacturer has low quantities of the product, or it has suddenly been discontinued.

There are a few things you can do if your product is out of stock.

1) Get in touch with your customer and find out if they are willing to wait a few extra days
2) In case of urgency, ask if your customer would like to switch to a similar model
3) In extreme cases, get in touch with our customer support to find a solution for your particular situation.

We use some of the most reputable and reliable manufacturers in the industry, and in most instances the manufacturers will restock every 4-8 weeks, ensuring the chances of products going out of stock are minimised. Additionally we normally get good warning if a product is to be discontinued.

Are there minimum orders?
Unlike many platforms where you can sell t-shirts on demand, in using our service you can avoid minimum order quantities and ensure you only purchase stock when your customers buy your products, ensuring you’re always cashflow positive.

What branding is in the garments?
Please view the labelling tab on each product page for labelling specification. Most have subtle labelling or tear away tags, so you can easily remove any manufacture branding.
Some brands will have their subtle branding on the internal side seam label (with care instructions); this is normally to show that the products certifications are authentic (eg. organic certification) – as it is the manufacturer/product that is certified, not us.

Can you print on other garments or materials that aren’t listed?
Not for on demand printing. We have carefully selected a range of garments that we know and trust – and we know you’ll love them! If you require products outside of this range you will need to purchase wholesale from us.

Can the labels and tags be removed so that we can use custom tags?
We’re not able to offer label removal on an on-demand basis due to the time this takes. We cannot provide neck printing on products purchased via our Online Shop. However neck printing is available if you are connected to our Print-On-Demand system.

Is there a setup fee for drop shipping?
No. There are no set up or subscription fees when using our online product designer. For our Print On Demand System, generally there are no fees required (unless requiring a more bespoke setup – which would be discussed with your account manager before anything was done).

Can I supply blank garments?
Unfortunately, we do not accept your own garments for on demand printing.


Integration with your ecommerce platform
Most dropship printers will offer a single plugin solution for Shopify or an online store from them. We don’t think this is anywhere near flexible enough. This not only ties you to a single printer, it also ties you to a single ecommerce system; both of which you may outgrow.
We’re as agile as they come and integrate with over 100+ platforms.

Do I need to use an API?
Not a developer/techy? No worries, we offer easy integration with over 100+ platforms (so no need for API knowledge). Just register with us and we can provide you with the appropriate details. If you’re really stuck, we can set everything up for you, although this is a service we charge for.

Where can I find high resolution product images for my website
You can find high resolution product images here.


How long is fulfillment time?
If purchasing via our Online Shop, please allow 5-10 business days to pick, print and ship garment. If your shop is integrated into our Print On Demand system, your order will be dispatched within 48-72 working hours or less. 95% of our on-demand orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days.

Can I buy my own products?
Yes you can. You can order as many garments as you would like through our online product designer.

How do I place an order?
Once you’ve registered to the website, you can place drop shipping orders through our Online Shop. Or if you’ve registered for our Print On Demand service, we’ll integrate to your store. To place a bulk order (25+ products), please send us an email.

How do I send you my designs?
Uploading them via our online product designer is the best way if shopping online; that way we’ll get both the design and a mock up. Ensuring your design comes out how you want it. Please register for a Print On Demand account for more details on this for integrated stores.


How will my colors look when they are printed on a t-shirt?
It’s important to note that colours may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. There are a number of factors involved; (eg t-shirts aren’t backlit like screens), because of this, we can’t guarantee color accuracy 100%.
We highly recommend you make a sample order to ensure you are happy with the results.

Please note we use some of the most advanced print technology available, ensuring your prints and colours are the highest possible quality.

We will not be held liable for any errors in matching colour, or loss of earnings in matching colour, nor will we refund goods based on colour matching. If there is any doubt about colour matching, we recommend ordering a sample.

How durable are DTG printed shirts?
Our experience shows us that DTG printed shirts are just as durable as screen printed shirts when it comes to washability. As the inks are injected into the fabric rather than sitting ontop of it, you can rest assured the prints cannot crack, peel or break.

Please note, like a new pair of jeans (or any print) you will loose a slight amount of vibrancy after the first wash. Following this your t-shirt if treated well and cared for appropriately should last years.

Copyright on designs
If you upload a design to for which you own the copyright or trademark, you retain the copyright, trademarks and associated rights. They do not become our property. Please ensure you own the rights to any image uploaded, we cannot be held responsible for use of copyright images.

Can I upload images I’ve designed in Photoshop?
You can upload any images in the PNG, JPEG or SVG format to our product designer. You will need to use Photoshop’s ‘Save As’ feature to save your design as one of these formats in order to upload it to the designer.

What resolution does my design have to be?
For best results we recommend using designs with a resolution of 300dpi. If a design is looking blurry on screen it will appear blurred on a product. We always advise designing to the same size as the print is required.
You should avoid uploading low resolution images and stretching them beyond their original size, as this will make them appear blurry.
You are responsible for sending high quality artwork of appropriate size.
Try to avoid using fine lines that are less than 2mm thick, as they may appear broken when printed onto a garment.
We cannot be held responsible for distorted or poor quality prints where the artwork is responsible for this.

How many colours can my design have?
There are no limits on how many colours we can print on a garment, which means you can use everything from one colour designs to photo-quality prints.

Are all designs printed using DTG?
In short, for dropshipping – yes.

What inks are the garments printed with?
The inks we use are environmentally friendly low-waste inks that allow for an almost unlimited range of colours. These provide a soft to touch retail quality finish.

Do you print all over sublimation t shirts?
Not on demand. If you have 25+ of the same design and are looking to buy wholesale (fulfilled by you), get in touch.

Can I have screen printing on demand?
No, sorry. We can only offer screen printing across wholesale orders of 25+ products (per design). We cannot normally offer fulfilment on wholesale orders.

Can I you provide embroidery on demand?
No, we don’t currently offer embroidered garments on demand. We currently can only offer embroidery across wholesale orders of 25+ products (per design). We cannot normally offer fulfilment on wholesale orders.

The positioning isn’t exactly the same as on the mockup provided
Due to variance in the manufacturing stage and the hand-made nature of printing, there may be variance of up to 100mm in any dimension set out in the mockup. Some changes can and may occur between the stated position, origination and final print placement or embellishment of any design ordered. All placements are approximate and the print will vary depending on the size of the garment – for example, a 40mm print will look smaller on an XXL garment than it would on an XS. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you understand that variance in dimensions, placement, colour, ink coverage and visual appearance can change between products and agree to allow us to use our professional judgement in this matter. All artwork, designs and specifications supplied / approved are guidelines for the printing stage only.

Can you print onto dark garments?
Yes, we can print onto dark garments.


What if the recipient's address was wrong?
If the recipient’s address was wrong, then you are held responsible.

I’ve created a product, but I want to change it. Is this possible?
Once an order is made, it’s sent straight to the production line. Please ensure you check all of your designs and order before you submit it.

Who handles Customs and Duty?
We handle all of the paperwork, fees and customs charges in the standard postage charge. is an International dropshipping service for international sellers.

How are my products packaged?
Garments are neatly folded and packaged in unbranded, poly mailing bags for shipping.

How are my products shipped?
Depending on size, quantity and your choice of shipping method, orders are shipped by Royal Mail or a courier.

What if my order doesn't arrive?
Whilst rare, parcels can go missing in the post. We cannot issue replacement orders until 10 working days after dispatch for the UK and 28 days for EU & INT. This is because we cannot claim from royal mail until this time. If an order does not arrive we would always recommend asking the customer to check at their local post office & neighbours alongside confirming their address before contacting us.
Please also note that we must be notified within 30 days of any orders that have not arrived. After this time we cannot replace any orders free of charge.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we can ship any order worldwide.

Do you accept returns?
Each product is printed to order, so unless there is a fault with the item we do not accept returns.

What do I do if the product is faulty?
Whilst rare, it does occasionally happen. Simply email us with a photo and description of the fault and we’ll arrange a replacement if appropriate.

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