Printify Review 2021: Print on Demand Dropshipping Company

Looking at print-on-demand (POD) customised clothing? Then you are undoubtedly aware of how many of the possible providers of this service feature ‘print’ in their name, leaving you spoiled for choice and possibly overwhelmed with which firm to choose, and why.

Going down the ‘-ify’ route to sound extra modern, Printify boasts some 50,000+ clients, produces over 10,000 items per day and was endorsed by More, So, Inc., who rated it in 2019 as one of the most successful 5000 companies in the US.

As one of the leading POD organisations, they are a brand to trust when looking at bespoke clothing and ecommerce business. But, are they a right fit for you?

The Pros and Cons

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Printify FAQS

Most frequent questions and answers

This can, and does, greatly vary depending on the suppliers available for the particular product you’re looking to ship. However, Printify has countless suppliers in the US, with some states picked out below in addition to international countries:

  • USA: California, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Michigan, at a minimum.
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • China
  • Other (see below)

Aside from explicit location listings, Printify claims to be able to ship to almost all countries. That is, except for Guadeloupe and North Korea. Something to keep in mind.

You bet! Printify’s whole premise is to provide the average user with an inviting interface that makes the process quick and easy.
Some 10,000 items are produced through Printifyeach day, so they must be doing something right. However, some may find that their choice of print shop supplier compromises the service they receive. So, it depends. But it’s safe to say that Printify is a leader in custom item dropshipping.
Printify is completely free to set up and create a listing. Charges only come into play when you receive an order. So, Printify is free to use, with fees being something of an administrative charge to success.
Printify is a trusted leader in print on demand dropshipping that has been going since 2005. With over 50,000 merchants, if Printify weren’t legit, we would certainly have known long before now.
Printify upholds that it can service almost everywhere, save for North Korea and Guadeloupe.
Often, yes, occasionally, no. This can depend on your chosen supplier and their specialties, so make sure to do some research based on your criteria before aligning with your printer of choice. Samples are a great way to test the waters, too.